“MESQUITE HONEY” has a rich, bold, yet not-too-sweet flavor. This honey is a perfect sweetener for a cup of “EARLGREY” black tea. OR Try some in a cup of your favorite blend of black coffee.

“ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY” is semi-sweet with a light, citrus after-taste. Try this HONEY in a hot cup of “CACTUS BLOSSOM” mixed with “PINK LEMON FLOWER” herbal tea. It’s perfect for your throat during this winter season.

“WILD FLOWER HONEY” is sweet and very “HONEY” tasting. This is delicious and healthy in a cup of your favorite “GREEN TEA.” Put a little in plain oatmeal to give your breakfast the WOW factor!

 Come treat yourself to some amazing “RAW HONEY LATTE” and let us know what you think!

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