• Cold-Brewed Iced Toddy

    Toddy is a cold brewed coffee with a rich, smooth taste that wont leave that awful bitter

    24oz Iced Toddy with Cream

    24oz Iced Toddy with Cream

    after taste that a hot coffee poured over ice does. Our Toddy is brewed using locally

    roasted, organic beans from Lux Central. Available in 16oz or 24oz, and 1/2 gallon take home containers.

    We can also add any flavor, milk or cream for that perfect flavor mixture.

    Great while hanging out on a hot day, running errands, on your way to work or even the half gallon to share

    with friends and family at home!!

    - Justin Kary

  • Prevailer EP by For Today

    I have been a long time listener of For Today and have seen them perform multiple times! They are a heavy/hardcore band from Sioux City, Iowa. For Today has amazed us once again with their newest album "Prevailer EP". This is the fifth album they have put together and it comes with a 90 minute DVD. Preview their DVD here. They even threw an acoustic version of “Fearless” at the end of it! This album is more hardcore/punk than heavy like their other albums but that doesn’t change the message they want the world to hear. They proclaim that we are never alone in this spiritual battle. We are called to rise up because the Promised One has come to set His people free! God will always deliver us from darkness and break the chains that bond us! I am so thankful for the courage and fearless stand these men have when it comes to singing about Christ. I will continue worshipping with them and praying that God’s kingdom would be furthered as these men continue in their ministry!
    -Kylie Kary

    For Today is a band that is completely on fire for the Lord. Every song they write is clearly to worship God and not themselves in any way. They are a group of humble men who desire for the whole world to know the love that the Lord has for them. For Today has many different albums out and are for fans of "hardcore" music. If you are someone who is not interested in heavy metal I still encourage you to give For Today a try, maybe look up their lyrics before proceeding to listen. This will allow you to really see how much they love the Lord. Personally, For Today has been my favorite band since 2008 and is continually my "go to" music to worship God.
    -Rachel Horsley

    Call us to reserve a copy today- Sold in store only!

  • It's Christmas Time!

    I’m from back East, so sometimes it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s so warm and sunny in the Valley and not a trace of snow to be hoped for, but just walking into Crossroads Books and Coffee this morning did the trick!

    The store is full of holiday cheer and the focus is on Jesus – the reason for the Season. That’s kind of hard to remember, too when every other store is focused on Santa.But this basket full of adorable snowmen proudly reminded me.

    Like these little cookbooks that are just perfect for stocking stuffers. They’re chock full of yummy sounding recipesfor candy, cookies, tasty food gifts and gourmet hot cocoa recipes. I’m hoping to find a copy of each in my stocking on Christmas morning!

    As I browsed through the store I found great Christmas gift items at super prices.

    If you haven’t been to Crossroads yet this month and you’re in need of some Christmas cheer, stop by Crossroads Books and Coffee – it’ll do the trick.
    And don’t forget to drop by the coffee shop for one of their delightful Christmas lattes…   Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread, Eggnog or Pumpkin Spice – yum!

    -Jan Christiansen

  • The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

    The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

    Just closed the back cover of this book and had to wipe away a few tears. It’s a wonderful, heart-warming story of love found and lost, dreams reached and smashed and how God brings it all together for second chances.


    The story revolves around The Bridge, an independently owned bookstore that touches the hearts of many people over the years. Unfortunately, a flood swept through town and destroyed everything in the store. The owner, Charlie Barton can’t get a loan to reopen the store and the bank wants to pull the lease on the building. Charlie and his wife Donna have owned the bookstore for over 30 years, but their future looks bleak. So bleak, in fact that Charlie considers doing the unthinkable so that his dear wife will be provided for, but God has other plans.


    A tragic accident rallies former customers of The Bridge, bringing Molly Allen and Ryan Kelly back together for Christmas, but will they be able to overcome the past? Will they, too, be given a second chance or is seven years apart too much to overcome?


    The only problem with this book is that I read it so fast that now I have to go buy another book to read.


    (Yes, it’s that good!)


    Great characters, great story line and an ending so sweet, I caught myself thanking God. It may be fiction, but the truth of God’s love and his willingness to give us second chances if very real.

  • Be the Healing Process

    Be the Healing Process

    Bart Millard intentionally lives out his passion to help and heal

    If a byproduct of the intentional life is living with purpose to help others, Bart Millard is about as intentional as you can get.

    As the lead singer of MercyMe, Bart is touching families for Christ in many ways: children and their parents through Imagine a Cure, young people through the Rock and Worship Roadshow and people of all ages with his music. He does it all out of a passionate heart to use his abilities to bring God’s healing to others.

    Imagine a Cure is an organization Bart founded to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes and the effect it has on both children and adults alike. “My ten-year-old son Sam was two when he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and it just turned our world upside down,” Millard said. “My heart broke into a million pieces. I have never felt so helpless than when my son wants me to ‘fix’ it, and all I can do is hold him and say, ‘I’m sorry’.”

    Imagine a Cure financially supports organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It is also conducting its first family camp and creating a benevolence fund. “We want to show parents how God is just completely in the middle of this, that it wasn’t a mistake or an accident,” he said. “There’s an incredibly high rate of divorce between parents of kids with special needs. We want to do something about that.”

    The Rock and Worship Roadshow concluded in early 2012 after hitting over 20 concert sites featuring Millard and MercyMe along with groups such as Tenth Avenue North, Disciple and Hawk Nelson. “The crowds have been ridiculous,” he said. “It’s been really cool to see this many people come together longing to worship and just to see every band, from beginning to end, their motive being to make Christ the center of attention.”

    MercyMe released it’s latest album The Hurt and The Healer in May, 2012. “The idea is to basically encourage the Body of Christ to love your neighbor on a different level,” Bart said. “There are people hurting all over the place, and one thing we all have in common is that we hurt and we know what pain is. We need to be a healing process for them, to lead them to the cross and just look out for one another.”

    The Hurt and The Healer hit #7 on the Billboard 200 top albums chart and No. 1 on the Christian SoundScan chart during its debut week. Produced by Brown Bannister and Dan Muckala, the album features signature MercyMe anthems, engaging pop songs and worshipful, intimate moments.

  • In a Coffee State of Mind

    Jan Christiansen, one of our regulars here at Crossroads Books and Coffee and local freelance writer,  wrote an awesome blog post about the store.

    She is a very talented writer who hosts many blog-ins here at the shop! You can find more info about her blog-ins at

    Please check out her blog here!

    Thanks Jan!

  • Quote of the Day

    "Love the sinner, hate the sin? How about: Love the sinner, hate your own sin! I don't have time to hate your sin. There are too many of you! Hating my sin is a full-time job. How about you hate your sin, I'll hate my sin and let's just love each other!"
    - Mark Lowry

  • Taking Time to Read with your Kids

    Karen with James from KFLR Family LIfe Radio at the reading event today!

    This morning Karen Powell and I had the opportunity to read books to two classes at West Valley Christian School.  We had a blast going into the classroom and getting to read to kids on their second day of school.  They are like sponges, and loved to hear the stories!  Reading to kids is so important and we have always read to our kids at home.  I have to let you in on a story that I just learned from my two oldest about some of the times I would read to them.    


    We are a homeschooling family and our tradition has been for me to read to them while they make lunch for us all.    My two oldest kids, Justin and Lauren, are now grown and married, and recently they  confessed  that when they were making the lunches, they would intentionally take longer so I would read longer.   I was totally unaware. . .  gotta love it! 


    So, read to your kiddos today and enjoy the time you have with them.  It opens a whole new world for them, and can be a great opportunity for the Lord to speak to their hearts about who He is and what He wants them to become.   


    Enjoy the journey!! 


    Karen Kary

  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Slowing Down to be with God, by Bill Hybels

    Too Busy Not to Pray – Slowing down to be with God, by Bill Hybels

    Let’s face it – our lives are too busy. Most of us have trouble finding time to slow down long enough to spend time with God. Between work, church, school, family and the myriad of errands and chores to be done, we barely have time to breathe, but after reading this book, I know that the only way to handle all that life demands of me is by taking time first thing in the morning to pray and spend time with God.

    Too Busy Not to Pray is full of practical ideas to help us learn to slow down. Bill Hybels shares from his own life the hard discovery that prayer doesn’t happen on the run and a deeper relationship with God doesn’t just develop on its own.

    Written over 20 years ago, over a million copies have sold.  This classic on prayer has helped millions of people develop a vibrant prayer life. It’s been updated, revised and has two new chapters added.

    If you could buy one book outside the Bible that would revitalize your Christian walk…this would be it!

    Review by Jan Christiansen

  • Quote of the Day

    Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure." D. L. Moody

    As believers we are called to be on our knees before God constantly.

    Prayer does wonders!