• “GOD’S NOT DEAD”… what do you believe?

    This movie is inspired by the song by “The Newsboys”, “GOD’S NOT DEAD”.  It’s hard to share your faith when you are not sure how to explain what you believe. This movie is a perfect tool to help you share why you have chosen to follow Christ. Invite both Christian & non-Christian friends & family members over for this movie night. Watch together as a college freshman challenges his atheist Philosophy professor who instructs his entire class to write the words God is dead and sign, date & turn in their declaration to avoid studying the religion section of the course. Only one Christian student in the class refuses to follow this directive on the basis that he believes that God does indeed exist. The professor challenges the student to prove God exists to the class or receive a failing grade.  Believers will be encouraged and skeptics will be challenged. The faithful walk of this young Christian will display obedience to God that will inspire all. The unexpected twist in the final scene opens the door to the heart of an unbeliever. Now is the perfect time to lead an unbeliever in the life changing prayer of salvation!

  • The Perfect Gift

    “THE PERFECT GIFT” written, directed & starring Jefferson Moore [of “The Perfect Stranger” series], is a “must own” Christmas movie for every home. When a long haired stranger named Jes shows up in time to help build the nativity scene in front of a church, the town and its residents will never be the same. A Christmas birthday brat, companies forbidding the use of the term “Merry Christmas” and an organization demanding the removal of the Nativity scene from in front of a local church are just a few of the challenges. The storytelling of the events on the actual “Night Before Christmas” and the song “Emanuel” will have you experiencing the presence of God right there in your own living room. This movie really is “the perfect gift” to remind all who watch, about THE REAL PURPOSE OF CHRISTMAS!

  • Relax at Home with a movie

    This is a good night for movies to keep the kids entertained. Family laughter is needed on a busy night like this.  “MOMS’ NIGHT OUT” is a great reminder of why God made Moms. It is an ode to the tireless efforts of moms…and the families who love them. The all star cast really make this fun and a must see.


    HOMELESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS” is really a reminder to not sweat the small stuff. Stuff and things can go away…but God’s love always remains. Jack, the [Adam Sandler-look-alike] main character in this movie learned some hard lessons. The Lord gives but greed can take away when you get busy trying to impress the people and forget about what pleases God. This movie brings an “attitude of gratitude” to every viewer.


    VeggieTales “BEAUTY AND THE BEET” is a great lesson in unconditional love. Kindness and love will always melt a grumpy heart. This is a fun way to teach children how to see people through God’s eyes, and how to love like Jesus loves

    Also, being that it is Friday....our DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY rentals are happening now!

  • Heaven Is For Real

    Enjoy a true story that allows us a glimpse into heaven through the eyes of a four-year old.  See heaven’s colors and splendor, feel the warmth of God’s love and much, much more. Invite family, neighbors and friends and watch lives and perspectives change for a lifetime. “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

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