Our Team


Phil & Karen

Phil & Karen believe owning this bookstore / coffee shop to be a ministry as well as a business. They’ve seen many changes in the industry after 25 years – but the needs of the people are the same. People seeking to know more about the Awesome God we serve, people needing hope in difficult times and people looking for ways to encourage others they come in contact with. Phil and Karen have 5 kids as well as a beautiful daughter in law (Kylie) and son in law (Tim).


jandkJustin & Kylie

Justin is the son of  Phil & Karen (grandson of original owners) and has been raised in the store. He and his lovely bride Kylie manage our fabulous coffee shop. They were both professional baristas prior to managing the coffee shop portion of the bookstore. The Karys have two beautiful daughters - Gwen and baby Lyla.



Has worked for Crossroads since 2008. She loves that prayer is the foundation of this store and seeing the joy on people’s faces when we have what they’re looking for.



Holly K. -


IMG_5661Paul         Hi my name is Paul Kary and I have been around this store since I was in diapers. My Mom and Dad own the store and it has been like my second home. I started working “officially”in May 2013. I have come a long way from shredding papers and filing invoices to helping customers and checking in product. If you come in and ask me a question I might not know the answer but I will try my hardest to find the answer. Hope to see you sometime in the bookstore!


Patrick - My name is Patrick and I'm blessed to be a coffee maker professional at Crossroads Books & Coffee. I am 25 years old and just got married to my beautiful bride Nicole. Crossroads is very important to us; it is where we had our first date and where I proposed to her. Just some trivia about me - I could drink a gallon of our delicious 36 hour cold brewed toddy....if they would let me!  When I moved to AZ 4 years ago, little did I know that the Holy Spirit was leading me to my future wife and best friend. I'm so blessed to be a part of the Crossroads Ministry!


imageAshlyn -From the time I wake up till I go to bed I never stop dreaming. Sometimes to the point of having irrational fears.  God is always reminding me that He's there and not to worry of others' opinion of me. I'm overly curious about everything.


Madi - I am a Phoenix native. Am a new believer in Christ, have a fabulous 3 year old son and my favorite drink at Crossroads is the Chai Latte.

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