• J.J. Heller, Your Hands

     Does your world seem to be falling apart?  This song by J. J. Heller is gut-wretchingly honest in her attempt to see life
    as God sees it.  I love how J. J. shows us we are never out of HIS hands.
    Enjoy being in HIS presence today. . . no matter where we are in our circumstances.
    Karen Kary
  • Come to the River by Rhett Walker Band

    Album Review by Big Mike

    Artist: Rhett Walker Band

    Album: Come to the River

    Has anyone heard of Rhett Walker? If you haven't don't worry you will! This upcoming Christian artist started a band called; you guessed it the Rhett Walker Band. I can't tell you how happy I am to see that in this day in age Christian music is, in my opinion, getting better and better and better.


    Well on July 10th of 2012 all of you get the chance to see; no wait a minute; you all get the chance to hear what God inspired poetry and God inspired musical talent sounds like! I can see 'Come to the River" the freshman album of the Rhett Walker Band playing all across this country. With a southern/country/rock/gospel sound, this album tells stories with every song that I believe everyone can relate to. There is something simply marvelous the way Rhett Walker blends his music with his words. There is such a mix of deep bass and electric string to make you jump out of whatever seat your in. And if your looking for some good old soft harmony there is plenty of it!


    If your a fan of Third Day, Need to Breathe, December Radio, Black Stone Cherry, Black Crowes, and Lynyrd Sknyrd your going to fall in love with this band! This album is going to be one of those albums that you'll remember when your making memories this summer and into the future. It just has the vibe of an instant classic!


    To check out a sneak peek of the Rhett Walker Band check out the CD X2012 and listen to their song "Make Me New"! And on July 10th 2012 come in to Crossroads and get your very own copy of Rhett Walker Band's "Come to the River"!


    Big Mikes Final Thought: Is there anyone else like me that thinks the only difference between Christian music and Secular music should just be the lyrics? Music itself is not owned by the "World" and yet it seems that way. I think it's time that the "World" is shown what we Christians can do with it! In a way I have felt that Christian music has played it safe! I believe and I know I am not alone; that music; that Christian music can sound just like the "Worlds" music and even better and have the lyrics that push it to another level. Now don't get me wrong I think Christian music has grown immensely through the years, but I don't think we have shown our best yet! I believe Christian artist can write music and lyrics that put God first and still have an audience that is 10 times larger than what it is today! We as Christians can not give up even though the "World" tells us to, we must be diligent in spreading the love of Christ in every way we can; what better way to do that than through music! My prayer is this: That Christian artists keep writing words that inspire us and give God the glory yet are not afraid to inspire us musically as well, God made music show the world what he has created in you!!!

  • Action Bible Songs CD by Cedarmont Kids

      My stepdaughter just got this CD for Easter. It was her first Easter finding out what it was all about. She is 5 and every time we are in the car she wants to listen to her "Lord's music". On this CD are songs I listened to when I was her age. I taught her all the movements and motions. She loves singing along.

    By Catie Powell

  • "The Good Life" by Trip Lee

    Artist: Trip Lee 
    Album: The Good Life
    Review By: Big Mike
    Since the 1980's Rap music has done nothing but climbed its way to mega stardom and is currently one of the biggest genres of music to hit the world in the past 50 years. If you were like me as a kid born in the early 80's you remember the days of Run DMC, N.W.A, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and you definitely saw the rise of this style of music bleed its way into pop culture. If you think it's hard to pick between East Cost and West Coast as your favorite vacation destination today bets are you were either not born or way too young to have seen what rap music did for this coast to coast rivalry! Picking a side back then was almost as important as picking a side in the Civil War, one side or the other, you couldn’t be neutral in this war of musical beats and lyrics! 
    Now comes a war that has been going on for century’s, but this one is much more important because it deals with the status of ones heart than ones zip code! With artists like T-Bone, Nuwine, and Gospel Gangstaz; Christian Rap music started off nice but also with some heads turned the other direction, and never really made a huge stamp into the secular market UNTIL NOW! With artists like Lecrae, Sho Baraka, and Trip Lee I believe you will soon start to see Christian Rap become the next genre of Christian music to touch the outside world! 
    In his newest album called "The Good Life" William Lee Barefield III aka Trip Lee [in my opinion] has given Gansta Rap a run for its money! With 15 amazing tracks Trip Lee has done it again, giving us fresh sounding, beat blasting, lyrical inspiring music that’s doesn’t just sound good but is good to listen to as well. So if you are a parent who is afraid of their child getting into Rap music, you don’t need to be afraid any longer! With songs like "Robot", "One Sixteen", and "I'm Good" feat. Lecrae; "The Good Life" will give you plenty of reasons to roll down your window and turn up the bass! If you don’t want to blast your speakers out of your car try songs like "For My Good", "Take Me There", and "Know Me". All these songs plus much; much more will have you hitting the repeat button on any listening device! If you want a great album with sounds that will get your head bouncing and lyrics that will touch your heart emotionally and most importantly spiritually, buy "The Good Life" by Trip Lee, I guarantee you'll love it!!!   
  • Dubbed and Freq'd by Toby Mac

    Toby Mac is a good artist with excellent songs and mixes. In his cd Dubbed and Freq'd, he tried to make his songs better; but they were already great. Toby Mac also added too much techno and I am not used to that from him. Overall, I liked the effort, but would like something a little more fresh.

    Review by Paul Kary