• "Blue Like Jazz" A Steve Taylor Production

    Blue Like Jazz   

    Based on the book by Donald Miller

    There is so much more to this film than meets the eye, the cinematography was great, story line was well thought out and articulated, acting was done very well and over all a great movie. Although, I would need many more viewings to be able to grasp the full extent of it, as I sat in the theatre this weekend, I was faced with an honest look at what many people in America (including myself) experience or have experienced. The lies that are spewed at us in every form imaginable and the truth that is just within our grasp, in a loving God who is waiting for us.

    The film follows Don, a young Southern Baptist youth leader from Texas as he embarks on a journey to Portland, OR to attend Reed College, one of the most liberal schools in America. In wonderful story form, the movie shows his transformation from bold faith to hidden faith to lost faith, it shows his downfalls, struggles and triumphs as he weeds his way through the first year of college life. It will demonstrate how well we have all done in misrepresenting our Savior and why we need a Savior in the first place. We all need Jesus, not religion and not another set of rules that we cannot uphold, we need a loving God who will pursue each of us to our darkest and lowest points and then still love us just because we are His creation. The end result of this film was the fact that we all have our sin and none of us truly follow Christ as we should but that we should be all the more thankful for His grace and mercy because of it, that we need to go out and show that love and grace to the people all around us, that we need to be honest about our sins and the forgiveness that we have received. We are not called to be cowards but to be bold. Bold in love, bold in mercy, bold in hope. Bold in Christ.

    I am so thankful for the honesty that was displayed in this movie but would like to caution anyone who is planning on taking young children to this movie, the way that college life is portrayed is realistic but not gratuitous. Mild sexual humor is used as well as profanity and heavy alcohol abuse. These have been included in the movie in order to display honesty not only in the gospel but honesty in the culture and setting that we live in. I would recommend having open and honest discussions with your kids before and after the film.

    -Justin Kary

  • October Baby

    Phil and I  had the opportunity to see this movie, and it was powerful!  I

    love the story of how God works out things in our lives that we see as

    horrible and uses them to His glory.  You will see God's redemptive hand

    in the story, yet it isn't an in-your-face type of way.

    I pray this movie will help thousands of people as they struggle through

    the issue of abortion and healing from that.

    The story from one of the actors and how she became involved in this movie

    is absolutely amazing...another God appointment!


    Please take the time to see this movie, you won't be disappointed.



    . Karen Kary