• The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

    The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

    Just closed the back cover of this book and had to wipe away a few tears. It’s a wonderful, heart-warming story of love found and lost, dreams reached and smashed and how God brings it all together for second chances.


    The story revolves around The Bridge, an independently owned bookstore that touches the hearts of many people over the years. Unfortunately, a flood swept through town and destroyed everything in the store. The owner, Charlie Barton can’t get a loan to reopen the store and the bank wants to pull the lease on the building. Charlie and his wife Donna have owned the bookstore for over 30 years, but their future looks bleak. So bleak, in fact that Charlie considers doing the unthinkable so that his dear wife will be provided for, but God has other plans.


    A tragic accident rallies former customers of The Bridge, bringing Molly Allen and Ryan Kelly back together for Christmas, but will they be able to overcome the past? Will they, too, be given a second chance or is seven years apart too much to overcome?


    The only problem with this book is that I read it so fast that now I have to go buy another book to read.


    (Yes, it’s that good!)


    Great characters, great story line and an ending so sweet, I caught myself thanking God. It may be fiction, but the truth of God’s love and his willingness to give us second chances if very real.

  • Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson


    Paul Falcon, top FBI murder cop has been working on a hired shooter case without much luck until one day Ann Silver, a top homicide investigator turns over a case that provides a lead that just might break his case  wide open. Paul is intrigued by Ann and the more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that there’s this lady cop than meets the eye and he soon realizes that he’s falling in love with her.


    I first discovered Dee Henderson when I picked up one of the O’Malley series audio books and couldn’t turn the thing off. Her characters were amazing and the storyline intriguing.  I loved the series.


    I wish I could say the same for Full Disclosure. It was good, but didn’t quite live up to previous books I’ve read by this author.  While the investigation story line was well done, the love story part of it just didn’t work for me. Both characters were emotionally detached. It seemed more like a business deal they were working out than relationship they were building.


    I would recommend the book for the mystery/crime solving element, but not for the love story.


    If you’re a Dee Henderson fan, you’ll be interested in a particular twist that’s revealed in the Ann Silver character. I’d tell you, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.


    I understand Ms. Henderson is working on another O’Malley book that will be released in 2013. I’m glad she’s back!

  • Taking Time to Read with your Kids

    Karen with James from KFLR Family LIfe Radio at the reading event today!

    This morning Karen Powell and I had the opportunity to read books to two classes at West Valley Christian School.  We had a blast going into the classroom and getting to read to kids on their second day of school.  They are like sponges, and loved to hear the stories!  Reading to kids is so important and we have always read to our kids at home.  I have to let you in on a story that I just learned from my two oldest about some of the times I would read to them.    


    We are a homeschooling family and our tradition has been for me to read to them while they make lunch for us all.    My two oldest kids, Justin and Lauren, are now grown and married, and recently they  confessed  that when they were making the lunches, they would intentionally take longer so I would read longer.   I was totally unaware. . .  gotta love it! 


    So, read to your kiddos today and enjoy the time you have with them.  It opens a whole new world for them, and can be a great opportunity for the Lord to speak to their hearts about who He is and what He wants them to become.   


    Enjoy the journey!! 


    Karen Kary

  • Love Finds you in Hope Kansas by Pamela Griffin

    Love Finds You In Hope Kansas 

    By Pamela Griffin

    When Alison Stripling receives a letter from her late sister’s husband pleading for her to come and help him with his six children, she sees it as a way out of her troubles in Boston. Upon arriving in Hope, Kansas  however, Alison is shocked to discover that it was the children who sent the letter without their father’s knowledge. The little scamps are on a campaign to find a new wife for their Pa and a new Mama for themselves.

    Rafe Monroe is appalled at his children’s behavior. He’s still deep in the grief cause by his wife’s death and the last thing he wants is another wife, especially the sister-in-law who swore she’d hate him forever for taking her sister way out west.

    Together they must convince the children that this new-Mama-scheme is a bad idea before Alison goes back to Boston. Otherwise, they’ll just find another unsuspecting woman to throw at their Pa. Problems arise when Alison develops a strong attachment to her sister’s children, as well as a disturbing attraction to her brother-in-law. Rafe, himself is struggling with feelings of guilt and betrayal as he realizes that his feelings for his wife’s sister are more than friendly.

    Could this be more God’s doing than the children’s doing? Could there possibly be a future for Alison and Rafe?

    You know there is! This is, after all a romance story.

    I loved it. Whimsical characters, six ornery, but lovable children, a lonely man and sweet woman. Sounds like the makings for a God-orchestrated family to me!

    Perhaps there is chance for love in a town called Hope.

    Review by Jan Christiansen


  • For Such a Time As This by Ginny Aiken

    For Such a Time as This by Ginny Aiken

    Releasing 8/5/12 Click here to Pre-order

    Eli Whitman, president of the Bank of Bountiful has two problems – his children Luke and Miranda - they’re out of control. Olivia Moore has a problem. She’s been praying for a way to help her family through the drought that threatens to take everything her parents have worked for.

    Eli and Olivia’s paths cross when Luke “borrows” a neighbor’s pig and chases it and several girls down Main Street. Olivia takes control of the situation perfectly. Could Olivia be the nanny that Eli needs? Could Eli be the answer to Miranda’s prayers? Perhaps God has a greater plan at work in throwing these two together.  Perhaps He has brought Olivia into the Whitman household for such a time as this.

    Inspired by the biblical story of Esther author, Ginny Aiken writes a delightful story of love, healing and God working in our lives to bring about His greater purposes.

    I loved this story! The characters were delightful from Cooky, the feisty cook and housekeeper in the Whitman home to the rambunctious Luke. Throw in the to-old-for-her-age, Miranda and Olivia Moore has her work cut out for her. The one thing she didn’t count on was the handsome, Eli Whitman.

    This is the first book I’ve read by Ginny Aiken, but you can bet it won’t be my last!

    Review by Jan Christiansen

  • The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine

    The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine

    Miss Birdie and her friend, Mercedes, aka “the Widows,” are determined to find a bride for their Pastor and they think Gussie Milton is the perfect one.

    Pastor, Adam Jordan is a bit gun shy about marriage, but when he meets Gussie, he thinks she might fit into those plans.

    Gussie would like to be in a relationship, but a traumatic experience in her past has kept her from opening herself up to one. Instead, she has thrown herself into caring for her parents, her photography and her church.

    The Widows are not about to give up, though.

    I found this to be a pleasant read, but a bit slow moving for my taste.  Never did get really absorbed in it. A little too much small-town meddling church drama for me.

    Review by Jan Christiansen
  • NY Times Christian Best Sellers List this Week

  • Used Book Section

    Used Books - Crossroads Books and Coffee

    In case you haven't guessed, one of my favorite places is Crossroads Books and Coffee. You'll often find me browsing through the used book nook for my favorite author's books at a great price.  Today I picked up the Nosy in Nebraska Trilogy by Mary Connealy for just $4.00! This is an older romance mystery series by Mary, who usually writes western Christian romance with lots of humor.
    The Used Book Section has a wide variety of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Bibles, Youth Books and Reference.
  • Covenant Child by Terri Blackstock

    Covenant Child, by Terri Blackstock

    Author, Terri Blackstock weaves an intriguing, nerve-wracking story about Kara and her twin sister, Lizzie. At 3 years old, their short lives have already gone through a lot of changes…first the loss of their mother, then their doting father’s remarriage to Amanda–a woman who adores the girls and finally the tragic loss of their father. But the worst is yet to come. They are ripped from the arms of their loving stepmother and placed in the custody of their mother’s worthless parents, who are interested only in the fortune the girls stand to inherit.

    Raised in squalor, the twins are taught to hate their stepmother, who is determined to fulfill her promise to her late husband to care for the girls. While a restraining order keeps her from the twins, Amanda diligently manages the billion-dollar estate in order to restore it to the girls when they reach adulthood.

    At age 18, Kara and Lizzie learn of the fortune that could change their lives and must make the decision accept or reject Amanda’s offer of love and a better life.

    Woven throughout this story is the covenant of love that God offers to every individual and the choice we have to accept or reject what is rightfully ours.

    I loved this book, which gripped me from the very start and left me pondering God’s great love at the end. One of my favorite reads!

    Review by Jan Christiansen

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  • Reunion by Lauraine Snelling

    "Reunion" By Lauraine Snelling

    Releasing July 17th 2012!

    Reunion is a story of family secrets and the turmoil they can cause. Of mistakes and forgiveness and sticking together while you work things out.

    For me, the star of this story is Kirsten. Well, let me rephrase that – the star is actually the author, Lauraine Snelling, for the way she portrayed the turmoil a young, single girl and all those around her go through when she realizes she is pregnant.

    I loved the resolution to this story and was even more touched to learn that Reunion was born out of the personal experience of the author’s own family.

    The book had a bit of a slow start for me, but once I got into it, I enjoyed the story.

    Review by Jan Christiansen