By Faith, Not By Sight by Scott MacIntyre

By Faith, Not By Sight

by Scott MacIntyre

This truly is a book about how God works in our lives and how He orchestrates things for our good and His glory.  God promises us that He will always be with us even in the trials; which He says we will go through.
 Scott is from Scottsdale, AZ , a graduate from ASU (at the age of 19), a Marshall scholar, recording artist and  an American Idol finalist.  All of these are the highs that God has brought Scott through, but there are many lows in his life as well.  Blind from birth, he has had to struggle and fight hard to achieve things that most of us find second nature.  Scott takes you on his journey through all of these and shows you just how hard it is to hold onto what you believe in the midst of disappointments and lost dreams; yet how blessed we are when we see the other side that God has for us.
I loved reading this book and seeing how Scott achieved his dreams and at the same time gave encouragement to a whole
world of people who thought they couldn't reach their dreams because of a disability.
Since the MacIntyres home school and we do as well, we were able to share in a few of the same activities as  Scott and his family over the years.  Although we do not know him personally, it was fun to read about someone that has been in the lime light, and lives in the valley of the sun.
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Review by Karen Kary

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